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Editor’s Corner: Social Media Vocabulary – B

Good morning, little chickadees. Before I launch into a review of the mantra “I before E, except after C,” I have a few more social media terms for you from the Building Brand Character & Constant Contact glossaries.

· B2B

· B2C

· Back Link
(inlink, incoming link) Any link from one site that points to another.

· Barnacle SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The act of attaching yourself or your company to a larger, more authoritative site, such as a directory like Yelp, in an attempt to increase rankings and occupy more real estate in search results.

A free URL shortening service, most commonly used to condense long URLs to make them more shareable on social media sites like Twitter. (Other URL shortening websites include,, and

· Black Hat
Spammy tactics that violate best practices outlined by search engines, such as the Google Webmaster Guidelines. These tactics are used to gain quick visibility in search rankings, but are frowned upon by search engines and usually result in decreased rankings.

· Blog
(contraction of web log) A website that is typically updated in a consistent manner that consists of discrete entities (“posts”), typically listed in reverse-chronological order.

· Blogroll
A list of recommended blogs on a person’s or business’ blog site.

· Bot
(robot, spider, crawler) A program that performs a task more or less autonomously. Search engines use bots to find and add web pages to their search indexes. Spammers often use bots to “scrape” content for the purpose of plagiarizing it for exploitation by the spammer.

· Bounce Rate
The percentage of users who enter a site and then leave it without viewing any other pages. [KC – Also, the number of times a kid can jump up and down in a bounce-house before getting injured.

Kara Church

Senior Technical Editor


  1. […] A program that performs a task more or less autonomously. [KC – See definition under “bot” from the other day at: […]

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