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Editor’s Corner: Social Media Vocabulary from A to Z (Okay, A to Y)

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My apologies for the “vacation brain” mistake in yesterday’s email. I’ll try not to make up any words in today’s email. What I will do, though, is share some terms that are fairly fresh to our language. I was asked to provide information on some of the young, social media terminology that has arisen over the past ten years. I found a lot of articles and glossaries out there, but I’ve selected Building Brand Character & Constant Contact as my primary resources.

Note: Terms evolve quickly; some of these may already seem ancient to those of you who super-savvy. J

Over the next few weeks I’ll review terms from avatar to YouTube, in between our other language lessons.

Today we start with 0 to 9 and the letter A:

· 301
A permanent redirect that directs a user or search engine from an old site page to the new.

· Aggregator
A web-based tool or application that collects syndicated content. [KC – Examples: Reddit, Google News, BuzzFeed, Gawker, etc.]

· Algorithm (algo)
A program used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning. In online marketing, these are typically used by search engines to determine what site pages are displayed for a certain keyword or phrase.

· Alt Text
The description for an image or graphic, which isn’t typically displayed to the end-user. This code is incredibly useful because search engine spiders cannot “read” images, so this text acts as a description, allowing it to be crawled and indexed. Optimizing alt text is a quick and easy way to rank in search engine image results.

· Analytics
A program that tracks and reports important site metrics, such as number of visits and their sources. Google Analytics is the most popular tool for this, and is also free.

· Anchor Text
The visible text of a link. This is important to both a site’s users and the search engines, because it describes the relevancy of the link through text.

· Angie’s List
A site, founded by Angie Hicks, where users can rate and review service companies in their area.

Short for Application Programming Interface, this is a programming format that a website or piece of software uses to allow other websites to interact with it. For example, Constant Contact’s Join My Mailing List app for Facebook ( was created using an API that integrates Facebook and Constant Contact.

· App
Short for application, this is a program or add-on, usually for Facebook or for a mobile device (i.e., an iPhone or Blackberry). Its purpose is to deepen user interaction and provide greater depth of functionality and engagement. An example is the Constant Contact Join My Mailing List app for Facebook (, or the Facebook app for the iPhone and Android phone.

· Astroturfing
(Opposite of full disclosure) The practice of disguising the source of a message, usually for political or marketing purposes, as a grassroots participant. Many site users are vehemently against these practices, such as those from Reddit.

· Avatar
An online picture that’s associated with your social media accounts. Business people typically use a headshot for personal accounts, while companies and organizations use their logo.

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