Posted by: Jack Henry | April 27, 2023

Editor’s Corner: Haiku from You

Good morning, all! When I added the names of these submitters to my random prize wheel, I added each name once for every haiku. I was shocked when one winner had only one submission!

Today I have all the folks who submitted more than three haiku.

Jolie Lucas

Vacation is over.

I am tired, broke and sore. Still . . .

Re-entry is hard.

San Francisco fog.

Cable cars, Irish coffees.

My heart is still there.

Conference is done.

Brain is swimming with ideas.

Implement? We’ll see!

Politicians beg.

“Deadline looming, please send check!”

I am over taxed.

Seasons 1,2,4.

What happened in season 3?

DVR frustrates.

Petals on the ground.

Garden in abundant blooms.

While I was away.

Did you miss me, Pup?

So glad you want to go home.

We are still a pack.

Puppy, puppy, ow!

Please do not bite my fingers!

Where are the Band-Aids?

Michael Timmerman

The haiku police

Counting all the syllables

And stealing my soul

Oooh!! Punctuation!!

This is going to be fun!

Editor’s Corner.

Marked my new white socks

That will stop my lovely wife

From wearing them. Not.

[KC -Sandy Bottom Lake is a reference to many a haiku I received from Michael during the last contest.]

Four in already

Nary a reference to

Sandy Bottom Lake.

Sandy Bottom Lake

Late fishing is not allowed

Heron, please return!

Ah, simplicity

Life, and death, and life again

Sandy Bottom Lake

[KC – And Michael had Ron Fauset have a multi-year tradition of insulting each other.]

Five seven five

It’s not rocket science

Count again, Ron.

Please don’t let Fauset

Change just a couple of words

And claim mine as his.

Horrible noises

Steal my beautiful dreams

Dog is throwing up.

Mary Fleenor

Oysters create pearls

In an irritating way

Beauty from the pain

Sour as they can be

Pickles make me pucker hard

Then go back for more

Workday has ended

I happy-dance like Snoopy!

Wait, tomorrow, too?

Monday chit-chatting

Glad we are back to working

Said an alien

Waiting for a refund

So tired of the runaround

Maybe I’ll keep it

Spring air brings delights

Of daffodils and tulips

My heart rejoices

Of pollen I’m weary.

I breathes, therefore I sneezes.

Nasonex, save me!

Still water runs deep.

A moth on the surface rests.

Snap goes the trout. Lunch!

Scarlet, white, and black,

Pileated woodpecker

Wears a tuxedo.

Breathe in the morning

Birds wake and sing in the dawn

One more fine spring day

Sun warms my bare head

Working long in the garden

Where is my damn hat?

Jim Garman

Go learn PowerOn.

Reports to FM Perform,

It can do it all!

Need to get Data?

SymXchange can handle that.

Marc Poskey’s your guy!

Need to make a form?

Give PowerFrame Docs a try.

Start learning today!

I cannot recall.

I know your face, not your name

I’ll just call you "dude."

I see you there cat.

I just got up for a drink.

Get out of my seat!

Haiku just isn’t my schtick.

To 5-7-5 I can’t stick.

I like rhyming and guile

and my more verbose style

is much better suited to Limerick.

Rich Dunklee

Raindrops on green blades,

Lawnmowers now put to rest,

Sound of rain abounds.

Taco Tuesday’s here,

Crunchy shells and spicy fill,

Fiery fiesta.

Sleeping senior dog,

Office companion so wise,

Contented snoring.

Soft blooms fill the air,

Nature’s confetti dances,

Allergies awake.

Buzzing lawnmowers,

Summer’s symphony in green,

Nature’s haircut time.

Taco Tuesday’s here,

Crunchy shells and spicy meat,

Fiery fiesta.

Tearing across wakes,

Sun-kissed spray against my face,

Water skiing fun.

(AI assisted)

Machine mind so vast,

Crafting verse in seconds flat,

Haiku born of code.

Jane Gredvig

Academic’s Dating Profile

Turn-ons: people who

Understand the difference

‘Twixt their, there, and they’re.

Hobbies: I enjoy

Correcting signs with misplaced


Turn-offs: unexplained

Acronyms, work jargon, and


Hill that I’ll die on:

Oxford (or series) comma

Should always be used

Work Life

Username. Password.

Authenticator. And the

Blood of your firstborn.

Checked: Keep me signed in.

So why do I need to log

In again this time?

Thank you again, everyone, for participating. It’s always a pleasure seeing what is going on with each of you through this art form.

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