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Editor’s Corner: The final haiku submissions

Hail to the haiku writers! Today’s submissions are from those who sent in one, two, and three haiku. I hope you enjoy them! The first one is a personal favorite!

Michelle Cornell

Editor’s Corner

What would we do without it?

English still be bad

Debbie Seufert

The grass is now green

Cows are grazing happily

Baby calves bouncing

Cousin visiting

Brought a bottle of whiskey

What is my own name?

Donna Bradley Burcher

Yes, of course I did

I won’t say no to chocolate

Even your last piece

I was first to wake

You were left to dream some more

Just make the bed, dude

Mayme O’Neill

Summer, please come soon.

Bring bright mornings and warm nights.

Bring crickets and calm.

Woke up too early

compensated with caffeine.

Now I cannot sleep.

I’m in Pacific.

You’re in Central or Eastern.

Siri, what time is…?

Stephanie Hrnack

Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union

Texas in Spring

Sunshine and blue skies,

Twisters, thunder, rain, and hail

The weather’s fickle!

Teams Meeting Séance

Someone tries to speak.

Olivia, are you there?

We cannot hear you.

Jane Sampsel


Baby is asleep.

Mom is able to sleep, too.

Oh no! Doorbell rings!


Dirty laundry cleaned.

A sense of accomplishment!

Ugh! Pile is growing.


Crinkles near my eyes

Laugh lines surrounding my mouth

Signs of life well-lived

Vicki Decker

new at Jack Henry

the phenomenal culture

makes all days good ones

it is Easter time

chocolate eggs and jelly beans

add to my waistline

Jeff Brady


Once more I prevail

The evil word is vanquished

Victory is sweet

Sheila Walter

Oh Spring, please come soon.

Sun, fun, splashing and smiles.

Snow, stay away now!

Billie Jean Montle

A light in my dream

She came to me to assure

Joy and Happiness

Patty Moore

One Company

My dear jack henry

No longer separate groups

We have become one

Paul Davis

Teams meet sneeze starting

Reaching up to mute my mic

Enable camera oops

Jack Ford

Haiku time again

I know I can kill this stuff

well darn, thought I could

David Pullara

Nantucket Haiku

Is very naughty, it’s true

Five bucks gets you two

Angel Wilborn

Am I sick she asks

cough wheeze sneeze Ahchoo Oh No

To bed I must go

Tyler Bible

A PowerShell Haiku

DollarVar Equal

Help my PowerShell Haiku

Write-Host DollarVar

Richard Sunbury

Here is one from ChatGPT:

Artificial brain

Endless calculations made

Forgot where it parked

Kearn Lacey and AI

AI writes haiku,

Poetry from a machine,

Beauty in code form.

Candice Washington

Amazon, my pal.

From A to Z, you and me.

Our friendship is Prime!

3’oclock pick-up.

I’m in a meeting right now.

She’ll have to walk home.

70 degrees!

A warm, Michigan Spring day.

Soon, there will be snow.

Joan Parish

Reading the paper

Gives me a panic attack

Skip to the comics!

Babe smiling so sweet

I smile in loving exchange

As she passes gas

Jennifer Prier

Rain is falling down.

Flowers are trying to bloom.

Begging for sunshine.

Bikinis are small.

Getting into shape is hard.

Screw it! Eat the cake!

The lake is calling.

Friends, drinks, and fun on the waves.

Jump in and get wet!

Peggy Esch

Slow moon in the East

Spent the night hopping over

My short house – now West!

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