Posted by: Jack Henry | April 25, 2023

Editor’s Corner: Happy belated birthday, Mr. S.

We’ve been going through literary terms, and one of you asked me about Shakespearean phrases that have become adages (or sayings that often embody a common observation). These aren’t all necessarily adages, but they are phrases and words that Shakespeare has been given credit for. In honor of Shakespeare’s (likely) birthday on April 23, I have some of his more famous phrases for you. If you’d like more information, check out this webpage with the gross name: No Sweat Shakespeare.

§ all that glitters isn’t gold

§ all the world’s a stage

§ barefaced

§ be all and end all

§ break the ice

§ breathe one’s last

§ brevity is the soul of wit

§ catch a cold

§ clothes make the man

§ disgraceful conduct

§ dog will have his day

§ eat out of house and home

§ elbow room

§ fair play

§ fancy-free

§ flaming youth

§ foregone conclusion

§ frailty, thy name is woman

§ give the devil his due

§ green eyed monster

§ heart of gold

§ hot-blooded

§ it smells to heaven

§ it’s Greek to me

§ lackluster

§ leapfrog

§ live long day

§ long-haired

§ method in his madness

§ mind’s eye

§ ministering angel

§ more sinned against than sinning

§ naked truth

§ neither a borrower nor a lender be

§ one fell swoop

§ outrageous fortune

§ pitched battle

§ primrose path

§ strange bedfellows

§ the course of true love never did run smooth

§ the lady doth protest too much

§ the milk of human kindness

§ to thine own self be true

§ too much of a good thing

§ towering passion

§ wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

§ witching time of the night

The world is certainly more interesting with these words and phrases in it! (Next time, I’ll share more of your haiku submissions.)

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