Posted by: Jack Henry | April 28, 2016

Editor’s Corner: More Perfect Pangrams

Last week, I discussed perfect pangrams: sentences that use every letter of the alphabet exactly once. Here are five more examples.

Junky qoph flags vext crwd zimb.

What it means: Trashy flags with the Hebrew letter qoph annoyed (vext) an Abyssinian fly (zimb) living in a Celtic violin (crwd).

Note: Crwd is an alternate spelling of crwth. It is not found in Merriam-Webster.

Cwm fjord bank glyphs vext quiz.

What it means: Symbols (glyphs) in a mountain hollow (cwm) on the bank of an inlet (fjord) annoyed (vext) an eccentric person (quiz).

PR flacks quiz gym: TV DJ box when?

What it means: Public relations press agents (flacks) ask a gymnasium: When do television disc jockeys fight?

Note: The abbreviations PR, TV, and DJ are found in Merriam-Webster.

Jumbling vext frowzy hacks PDQ.

What it means: Moving in a disordered mass (jumbling) annoyed (vext) unkempt (frowzy) taxi drivers (hacks) pretty darn quick (PDQ).

Note: The abbreviation PDQ is found in Merriam-Webster.

Mr. Jock, TV quiz PhD, bags few lynx.

What it means: Mr. Jock, a doctor on a television quiz show, captures (bags) few wildcats (lynx).

Note: The abbreviations Mr., TV, and PhD are found in Merriam-Webster. Jock is not a common surname, but Mr. Jock is, perhaps, a reasonable nickname for an athletic guy.

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