Posted by: Jack Henry | April 29, 2016

Editor’s Corner: Clichés Pt. 2

On Monday, I wrote about avoiding clichés, and I asked you to send me the clichés you dislike most. I got a lot of responses—which I’ll get to in a minute. But I also received some questions from concerned readers about when it’s OK to use clichés.

So, I want to take a moment to reassure you that sometimes, as long as you’re careful about not overusing them, clichés are a convenient way to get your point across. Just be aware that people find it annoying when a specific cliché is overused or when a specific person uses clichés in nearly every conversation.

In the emails I received, one cliché was named repeatedly as the most annoying. Because of the number of people who voted it in, I know I won’t ever use it.

The most hated cliché is low hanging fruit.

And now, as promised, here’s the long list of clichés you don’t want to hear anymore:

· All on the same page

· All’s well that ends well

· At the end of the day

· Avoid it like the plague

· Beg the question

· Break down silos

· Dead as a doornail

· Don’t judge a book by its cover

· Dressed to kill

· Drink the Kool-Aid

· Drop dead date

· Ducks in a row

· End of story

· Every cloud has a silver lining

· Every dog has its day

· Fit as a fiddle

· For all intents and purposes

· For the record

· Give 110%

· Give it all you’ve got

· Go back to the drawing board

· Good enough for government work

· High tech/High touch

· Hit the ground running

· I’m all about (x)

· If walls could talk

· I’m going with my gut on this one

· In any way, shape, or form

· It is what it is

· It’s a no-brainer

· It’s not brain surgery

· It’s not you; it’s me

· Laughter is the best medicine

· Let’s take this offline

· Like a kid in a candy store

· More fun than a barrel of monkeys

· Moving forward/Going forward

· My bad

· My two cents

· No worries

· No-win situation

· Old as the hills

· Organic growth

· Paradigm shift

· Pick your brain

· Plenty of fish in the sea

· Prices too low to advertise!

· Push the envelope

· Read between the lines

· Reinvent the wheel

· Run it up the flagpole (and see who salutes)

· Selling like hotcakes

· Small, tight-knit community

· Spitting image

· Take it with a grain of salt

· Take the tiger by the tail

· That’s the pot calling the kettle black

· The proof is in the pudding

· The rest is history

· The whole nine yards

· The writing is on the wall

· Thick as thieves

· Think outside the box

· Time heals all wounds

· Time will tell

· Tip of the iceberg

· To be honest

· Touch base

· Walk the walk and talk the talk/Walk the talk

· Water under the bridge

· We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this

· We’re not laughing at you; we’re laughing with you

· What goes around comes around

· When it rains, it pours

· When you have lemons, make lemonade

· You don’t have to be a rocket scientist

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