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Editor’s Corner: Animate, adamant, Adam Ant

I’ve covered frequently confused words before, but it may be time to look into an updated version of this topic. If any of you want to provide me with some suggestions after reading through the ones we’ve already discussed (below) be my guest.

· Frequently Confused Couples

· Frequently Confused Couples, Part 2

Today, however, I have a bit of an odd couple. I was reading the Grammarist blog and came across this article. While the information is interesting, I find it hard to believe that anyone would confuse these two:

Animate vs adamant

Animate means to make alive or to give inspiration or put into motion, to cause something to move as if alive. Animate is a transitive verb, which is a verb which takes an object. Animate may also be used as an adjective to describe something which has life or vigor. Cartoons which are filmed so as to move and appear to have life are animated, the process is referred to as animation. Other related words are animates, animated, and animating. The antonym of animate is inanimate, which means an object that doesn’t move and has no life force. Reanimate means to revive or give fresh impetus. Animate comes from the fourteenth century Latin word, animatus, which means alive.

Adamant is an adjective which means determined, unpersuadable, refusing to allow one’s mind to be changed. As a noun, adamant refers to an unbreakable substance or archaically, a legendary stone said to be impermeable which was often identified as a diamond or lodestone. Adamant comes from the fourteenth century Latin word, adamantem, which means hardest iron, steel and also the Greek adamantos, which means unbreakable, inflexible.

Now I do see how this might be lumped in with the group:

Adam Ant is an English musician who gained popularity in the early 1980s as the lead singer of post-punk rock group, Adam and the Ants. He had a solo singing career, tried his hand at film, and then went bonkers for a few years. Now he’s touring again, and while his voice is still there he looks more like a crazy pirate than Prince Charming.

Adam Ant, 1982

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