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Editor’s Corner: Lefties and Swifties

I never thought my email about left-handers would provoke such a response! This information is for those of you left-handers who wanted something more positive about the special 10 percent of you out there. Here are some things I found that are hopefully more current and enlightening.

· NPR discussion on left-handedness:

· The book referred to in NPR discussion: The Puzzle of Left-Handedness

· Wordplay: An interesting documentary on Will Shortz that includes some information about left-handers and their puzzle-solving skills. (Will Shortz is an American puzzle creator and currently the crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times. He’s an all-around amazing fellow for you puzzle lovers out there.) I loved this movie, but I’m a word nerd and lifetime Will Shortz fan.

· Products for left-handers:

And now for Friday’s Tom Swifities. We still have quite a few submissions from the contest last month that I haven’t shared with you yet.

For those of you who don’t know what Tom Swifties are, here is a brief description: Tom Swifties are puns “in which the adverb at the end of the sentence takes off punningly from the quotation, as in ‘I dropped my toothpaste, said Tom crestfallen.’”

Thanks to all of the submitters for the gift that keeps on giving!

Emily Gershbein:

· "No, I will not share my salmon with you," said Tom oafishly.
· "I love these little grains in my tabbouleh," said Tom acoustically.

Robert Trescott

· “I’m working hard on my skating skills so I can play for Anaheim when I grow up,” said Tom, productively.

· “When playing hockey, or soccer, I love having the responsibility of defending the goal,” gushed Thomasina, tenderly.

· “My code only errors out 75% of the time!” said Tom, exceptionally proud of himself.

· “Don’t use global variables! Pass in parameters to your function!” insisted Tom, argumentatively.

Matthew Trescott (Robert’s son)

· “When I’m done shaping this lens for my telescope mirror, I hope I can see Jupiter,” said Tom, reflectively.

Eric Nielsen

· “I love the way that picture is framed” said Tom mattedly.
· “It happened in an industrial accident,” said Tom disarmingly.

James Hall

· “Why must it always be horse races,” my wife puffed naggingly.

· “We’re about one-point-eight-five-two kilometers from land,” he stated nautically.

· "I’ve got a knot in my throat," the sailor said nautically.

Laura Reece

· "Yes, I’m wearing gloves bearing advertisements," Tom admitted.

· "I think it’s a great idea to wear your brand on your shirt," Tom said advisably.

· "Trash takes tons of time to transport," Tom said alliteratively.

· "We’ll never escape this gigantic labyrinth. It’s huge," Tom said amazedly.

· "A racy llama taming," Tom said anagrammatically.

· "I’ve lost a lot of blood," Tom said anemically.

Mary Fleenor

· “Let’s meet on the Spanish steps,” he said romantically.

· "Fluffy’s smiling like the Cheshire Cat," she said anthropomorphically.

· "Are you looking for the mean value?" he said averagely.

· "I prefer lying down," he said horizontally.

· "Yes, my brother and I are both physicians," she said paradoxically.

Melody Christian

· “My dog Kodi does not use her principles when taking walks” “said Tom dogmatically”

Mike Godfrey

· “Let’s build a bridge over that river in Thailand,” said Tom quietly.

Mike Timmerman

· “It’s extended to Bastille Day!” she said, revolutionarily.

Moss Wladock

· "I want to win this!" Tom said contestably.

Paul Ruffin

· “But I’m innocent!” said Tom convictedly.

Rob Sampsel

· “You would have to be really thin to fit through there,” said Tom narrowly.

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