Posted by: Jack Henry | November 10, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Contest and Consonants

Hello, dear readers!

Let’s start the day by congratulating Adelle Witzke Schumaker for being a new subscriber to Editor’s Corner and winning the $25 Amazon gift card! Woo hoo!

Today I’m addressing a question about spelling. Several of you have noticed some inconsistencies in our products and documentation when it comes to the words canceled (cancelled) and travelers (travellers). The question is always “Which spelling is correct?” For us here in America, the answer is that the version with the single consonant l is correct.

US British
canceled cancelled
counselor counsellor
cruelest cruellest
labeled labelled
modeling modelling
quarreled quarrelled
signaling signalling
traveler traveller
traveling travelling
equaling equalling
initialed initialled
fueling fuelling
dialed dialled
woolen woollen
caliper calliper
jewelry jewellery

For more information on spelling differences between American and British English, see these previous Editor’s Corner articles, or check out Wikipedia.

· Editor’s Corner: BBC America

· Editor’s Corner: Dr. Who

I hope you have a great day!

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

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