Posted by: Jack Henry | January 5, 2023

Editor’s Corner: Cat idioms, part two

Meow, meow, meow, meow! Today is day two of kitty-cat idioms. As I mentioned with the first portion, the full list is here if you’d like to see even more.

High as the Hair on a Cat’s Back

To describe something very expensive or valuable.

Keep No More Cats Than Will Catch Mice

A way of saying that you should be efficient; be minimalistic. Use the bare minimum. An old expression that cautioned against maintaining any more people or things than can accomplish a purpose.

Let the Cat out of the Bag

To suggest that you have said something you didn’t intend to say. That a person has inadvertently revealed a secret.

Like Herding Cats

Refers to someone trying to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Often used to describe a person attempting to manage a large team of individuals, all of which are uncooperative.

Look What the Cat Dragged in

A phrase often used in a slightly derogatory or playful way. Can state that a person is a little shabby or not properly dressed for the occasion.

Morals of an Alley Cat

References the actions of a stray cat that hangs around streets and alleyways of a town or city and refers to a person of loose morals.

The Cat’s Pajamas

Refers to a person who is the best at what they do. An excellent person or thing.

To Bell a Cat

This expression refers to an impossible task. Believed to originate from the fable of a mouse who has the idea of hanging a bell around a cat’s neck to warn them of its approach.

To Have Kittens

To be very upset or worried about something. A dramatic way of describing how frightened or upset you have been.

To Put a Cat Among the Pigeons

A way of saying that someone has created an upset or a disturbance.

To Rain Cats and Dogs

This idiom refers to the fact that it is raining very heavily. A saying whose origins have been lost over the ages.

To Turn the Cat in the Pan

To reverse to an outcome or situation. Also used to refer to someone who has turned traitor.

See Which Way the Cat Jumps

A way of saying that you should wait until you see how things develop or progress before committing yourself to a course of action.

Walk Like a Cat on Eggs

Taking great care and consideration in an activity.

Enjoy your day!

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