Posted by: Jack Henry | January 3, 2023

Editor’s Corner: Kitty Idioms

Good morning, friends. I hope this finds you happy and healthy.

Over the last month, I’ve provided you with idioms about horses and dogs. Now it’s time to give some love to the feline phrases you might come across. I’m dividing the list into two “installments” to make them more bite-sized, and I’ve removed some of the more common ones just to save space. If you’re interested in the complete list, you can find it at Owlcation.

A Cat Burglar

Refers to a burglar who uses stealth and agility to break into buildings.

A Cat in Gloves Catches no Mice

If you are too polite or careful, you might not achieve what you want.

All Cats are Grey at Night

A way of saying that in the dark, physical attributes are unimportant.

As Conceited as a Barber’s Cat

Someone who has a high opinion of themselves or their importance.

Busier Than a One-eyed Cat Watching Two Mouse Holes

That a person is extremely busy – almost frantic.

Busier Than a Three-legged Cat in a Sandbox

Hectic to the point of being frantic.

[KC – When we discussed Southern expressions, I was told that the phrase is: “Busier than a
one-legged cat in a sandbox.” I’d say that’s pretty busy!]

Cool Cat

A phrase used to describe a fashionable person. Also, when talking about someone who is very calm or slow to anger.

Cat’s Cradle

This expression refers to something overly complicated. Likened to the children’s game "cat’s cradle." A game played with a string wound around the fingers to create intricate patterns.

Cat’s Meow

Something outstanding or excellent.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

You should take care to look into something too profoundly. You might find something that disturbs you. You should not be curious; you may find something you don’t want to know. [KC – Also the name of a fun British band in the late 1980s.]

Enough to Make a Cat Laugh

Something that is very, very funny.

Fight Like Cats and Dogs

To be continually fighting or arguing with someone.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

A phrase used when referring to someone who has very little to say for themselves. The origins of this idiomatic saying remain unclear. It possibly originated from stories of witches whose cats would steal the tongue of their victims to prevent them from telling others.


A fiery, ill-tempered person.

Happy New Year!

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