Posted by: Jack Henry | July 21, 2022

Editor’s Corner: The Final Limericks

Happy Thursday!

Here are the remaining limericks sent in for the contest. Remember, winners were picked randomly, so you’re all still number one in my book! The winning limericks are here if you didn’t have a chance to read them.

Thank you all for participating!

Katelyn Parker (daughter of Courtney Parker)

Dogs, dogs they are the best,

Even better than the rest.

There are many different breeds,

All do good deeds.

This, I can attest. 😊

Stephanie Hrnack

Southwest Airlines FCU

There once was a lady from Dallas,

Who thought she lived in a palace.

Also living in the house

Was a roach and a mouse,

Which affected its pristine status.

Renee Reed-Curl

We moved to a town named Shell Knob

Where they don’t care if you dress like a slob

Lake life is fun

But don’t get too much sun

Or you just might turn into a blob

I watched the fireworks light up the sky

I was amazed at how high they could fly

They were so bright

I forgot it was night

Until they floated down to die

Brent Jones

[KC – Brent, I loved the Game of Thrones limerick, but I had to cut it out because of the subject matter.]

There once was a guy named Han Solo
Whose morals were rumored to go low
Gave Greedo a burst
Without question shot first
As he strode from the bar he called, YOLO!

There once was a woman named Baskin

Who’s hubby’s demise was just askin’

Her tigers were hungry

She split him among three

And for years now, his death she’s been maskin’

Kara Church

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