Posted by: Jack Henry | May 3, 2022

Editor’s Corner: Haiku Installment #2

Happy May!

Today I have the second set of haiku submissions from all of you wonderful contributors. Like last week’s submissions, I have grouped them (roughly) by topic. I have haiku about work, punctuation, and animals.


Not Again…

Video meeting.

I share a great idea,

And I am on mute.

H. Blades

Working Remote Haiku

Sweat pants on, hair done.

Three Teams calls, video on.

Pets better behave!

M. Cornell

It’s regression time

Testing is like pest control,

Getting the bugs out!


Core conversion ends

The stressful time is over

Now we can relax

S. Hrnack, Southwest Airlines FCU

Great Resignation.

People leaving toxic jobs.

They are better off.

J. Lucas

I am so tired,

Why does my wrist keep buzzing?

It’s time to get up.

J. Mason

Searching for a way

Out of this forest of code

Need to burn it all

R. Sunbury

Time: early morning

The alarm shocks me awake

Blankets hold me down

Jeff Montgomery

My boss says to sell.

FIs buy our great products.

They love JHA.

Sharon McCluskey

I want suggestions

My mind it is now just blank

YouTube is more fun

P. Davis

Computer expert

My skills can be high level

Google hits count more

P. Davis


I offer a brief explanation here. The first haiku references an argument Richard Sunbury and I have been having for the past 20+ years about the Oxford (serial) comma. The “Three for One” offerings refer to this article I posted a few weeks ago about the misunderstood ellipsis.

Why use when written

No spoken equivalent

Scram Oxford comma

R. Sunbury

Three for One

"Oh Millennial…
The ellipsis ain’t no diss…
just some words are missed…"

Poor grammar you say?

Sadly my mind goes astray

by the end of day.

And now I do fear

that in my dreams will appear

angry dot dot dots.

S.D. Pullera


Josie the Corgi

The black Corgi barks

Throw the ball! Throw the ball now!

Retrieved! Throw again!

D. Seufert

Haiku by a Dog

Can I have a treat?

Wait—stranger at the door—

Back. About that treat…

B. Jones

We all love kittens,

But the trouble comes later.

They all become cats.

P. Ruffin

“Why do I feed you?”

“So I can crap in the yard.

Fetch me a treat, Dad.”

M. Bohlmann

The Bohlmann Puppy Poopers

Sun has just gone down.

The spiders’ eyes are aglow?!

Turn off the flashlight!

S. Hrnack, Southwest Airlines FCU

Pandemic puppy!

Wanted a dog for long time!

Happy to be home!

M. Murrock, ACCESS FCU

Auggie, the pandemic puppy

Living With a Cat

What do you want now?

Why are you screaming at me?

I just gave you food.

R. Sunbury

Are you going out?

Or do you want to stay in?

Make up your damn mind.

R. Sunbury

Haiku for a Husky

Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur.

Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur.

Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur.

C. Aston

Alcide (You can call me Al) Aston

Present from the Dog

Fed the dogs their meal.

Went for a quick walk too soon.

Food came up again.

M. Cornell

The Cornell Pack

Present from the Cat

Look what I have here.

What? You don’t like headless mice?

You can kill them then.

M. Cornell


Horses are noble

But whoever bred a mule

Did a half-ass job

D. Isaman

With warmer weather,

Darkling beetles mate and die.

Fetch broom and dustpan.

K. Lacey

Ditzy is my dog.

She is very talkative.

Like now at dinner.

R. Reed-Curl

Ditzy and Squeeky

My little Oscar,

Oh, how I love you so much

Never ever go!

S. Walter

Until next week, when I’ll provide you the remainder of the contest haiku!

Kara Church

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Technical Editor, Advisory

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