Posted by: Jack Henry | April 28, 2022

Editor’s Corner: Haikuapalooza

Good morning, folks!

Today I will start sharing the many haiku you sent in. I added punctuation to some, I didn’t include wakas, and I didn’t include those with the wrong syllable count. Oh yes, and I left out most of the ones with naughty imagery and four-letter words. This is the first installment, roughly grouped by content. Thank you so much for participating!

The Contest

Hello there, Kara!

Here is my contest entry.

I hope you like it!

Kiko Garcia

A haiku contest

Fun, brain-wracking exercise

But can I win it?

P. Ruffin

Haikus are too hard

Limericks are easier

No Nantucket, please

K. Slayton

Here is my attempt

To give this contest a whirl

These feel weird to write.

S. Walter

She called the poet

I implore your artsy side

This haiku is done

M. Griffin

I’ll Always Love Haiku

Say yes if you’ll stay

Please don’t say no I will cry

But I’ll be ok

T. Fluellen

Kara’s haiku challenge

Yes, I needed more stressors

Is this five syll-a-

B. Jones

Don’t forget haiku

You can enter more than one

Just have to be yours

K. Slayton

“Writing a haiku

Is not really hard,” she said.

But again, I fail.


Another for you

You’ll say, “Keith, what did you do?”

A rhyming haiku!

K. Slayton


Is sunny today

Will be gloomy tomorrow

Spring is such a lie

R. Sunbury

Is spring really here?

It has gotten so cold now.

Spring is hard to find.

R. Reed-Curl

Winter Cold Haiku

Jump in, it’s not cold

Trust me, I have tested it!

Oh, wait it is cold.

T. Fluellen

Haiku to a Grape

Patience luscious grape

Harvest long past, chance we meet

Your stem now crystal

K. Halvin

I don’t know for sure

But I think Mother Nature

Is out to get us.

J. Tarwater

Spring has sprung again

Daffodil, dandelion

Yellow and spring green

D. Seufert

Raisins….loser grapes

Wine consists of winner grapes

Cheers to the winner

T. Bieck

Shoveling Snow

Newly discovered!

Easier to shovel snow

Before it’s trampled.

S. Shepherd

Torrential downpour

Baptized Carolina hills

Gleam green, emerge new

T. Decker

Cold green wind and light

April opens with vengeance

An assault on death

T. Decker


Haiku for COVID

I remove the mask.

After two years, see my smile.

Forgot my dentures.

P. Moore

Self-Isolation Haiku

How bored am I now?

Just went and did some yard work.

This s—‘s getting real.

R. Sunbury

A Haiku contest?

My home is my office now.

Pandemic present!

M. Murrock, ACCESS FCU

Due to pandemic,

I feel I have forever

Been working from home.

K. Lacey

I don’t miss the plague.

But I miss my short commute

From bedroom to chair.


Kara Church

Pronouns: she/her

Technical Editor, Advisory

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