Posted by: Jack Henry | August 17, 2021

Editor’s Corner: Widow’s Peaks Reboot

Seven years ago, I wrote an article on one of the more polite nicknames my coworker Jackie gave me: Edie Munster, because I have a widow’s peak. More recently, one of you sent me an email and said:

I had a hair appointment last night, and the stylist and I got to wondering where the term “widow’s peak” came from. Any thoughts? And any other famous people besides Eddie Munster that has one?

Oh boy, do I have an answer! And I have more recent photos and updated information on widow’s peaks for you.

Today’s information is from

If your hairline comes together in a downward V-shape at the center of your forehead, you’ve got a widow’s peak hairline. Basically, it’s higher on the sides and has a low point in the middle.

The widow’s peak is quite distinctive in some people, while others have just the hint of one. It may be more obvious when you pull your hair straight back.

Whether you have a straight hairline or a widow’s peak is mostly a matter of genetics.

Why is it called a widow’s peak?

The term “widow’s peak” may be a holdover from 18th-century England. Tradition was that when a husband died, his wife would wear a black triangular hat or hood with the point falling in the middle of the forehead.

[KC – Here’s an example.]

Widow’s Peak Myths

A widow’s peak is a type of hairline and nothing more, despite a few persistent myths.

Folklore would have you believe that a widow’s peak forecasts an early widowhood. There’s no basis in fact for this myth.

In television and movies, the widow’s peak tends to be a “bad guy” feature. Dracula and the Joker, for example, both have a widow’s peak.

Despite popular culture, you can rest assured that having a widow’s peak says nothing about character or personality. Consider actors in “good guy” roles, like Marilyn Monroe, Keanu Reeves, and Vanessa Williams, who all have prominent widow’s peaks.

This particular hairline is not a bad omen of any sort, nor is it a flaw. It’s just another thing you inherit from your parents, like green eyes, naturally curly hair, or dimples.

And now for some famous people with widow’s peaks:

Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick)

Chris Hemsworth

Milla Jovovitch

Kerry Washington [KC – Though her hair is usually covering it with bangs or longer styles.]

Leonardo DiCaprio

Kourtney Kardashian

And there are many more! Just search Google for “famous people with widow’s peaks” and then click Images.

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