Posted by: Jack Henry | March 7, 2018

Editor’s Corner: Eateries

At the end of this week, I’ll be taking a small voyage to Mexico, to visit my parents, my brother, and his family, who are all down there avoiding the Seattle weather. Hopefully, my five days there will fill me full of questions about Spanish, that might lead to interesting discussions in English. I know my dreams have already started coming in half English and half Spanish. At a very minimum, I might get some good stories about mistranslations while I’m there.

In the meantime, as I start imagining dinner at one of my favorite restaurants down there, how about some excerpts from Daily Writing Tips, “60 Words for Types of Restaurants.” I’ll give you a few, but you can see them all here.

  1. bistro (French, “proprietor of a tavern”): a small, informal restaurant, bar, or nightclub
  2. brasserie (French, “brewery”): an informal restaurant, often one serving French food
  3. buffet (French, “counter”): a self-serve restaurant; also, in British English, a small informal restaurant at a railway station
  4. cabaret (French; ultimately from Latin camera, “chamber”): a restaurant that serves liquor and features live entertainment; also, the entertainment at such an establishment
  5. cafeteria (American Spanish, “coffeehouse”): see luncheonette; also, an informal, self-serve restaurant
  6. delicatessen (German, “delicacy”): an establishment where already-prepared food is sold and sometimes served; often abbreviated to deli
  7. food truck: a truck or van that serves prepackaged food or food cooked in the vehicle
  8. greasy spoon (American slang, from the notion of a place with unclean eating utensils)
  9. hash house: an inexpensive restaurant
  10. hashery: see “hash house”
  11. inn: see tavern; also, sometimes one offering lodging
  12. pizzeria (Italian, “place where pizza is served,” from pizza, “bite”): a restaurant where pizzas and other Italian dishes are served
  13. pub (short for “public house”): see tavern
  14. rathskeller (obsolete German, “council cellar,” from its origins as an establishment in the cellar of a town hall): a restaurant or tavern, usually one located in a basement
  15. roadhouse: an establishment outside city limits that may serve food as well as liquor and features live or recorded music
  16. soda fountain: an establishment or area within a store for serving beverages, ice cream, and sometimes food
  17. taqueria (Spanish, “place where tacos are served”): an informal restaurant serving Mexican food
  18. tavern: an establishment where liquor and sometimes food are served
  19. teahouse: a restaurant where tea and refreshments are served
  20. trattoria (Italian, “establishment of a restaurateur,” from a word for “treat”): a small restaurant, usually one serving Italian food

I was looking for a picture from past trips. This is not one of them. I do like hockey, however, so please enjoy our Zamboni.

San Diego Gulls Hockey

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