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Editor’s Corner: Passive Voice – Fixing Evasion 4

It’s lesson four from “5 passive-voice evasions and how to fix them,” by Josh Bernoff. Remember, these examples of passive voice are from a University of Massachusetts article about the city of Boston bidding for the 2024 Olympics.

#4 Has anybody done this?

Sometimes writers use passive when they have no idea who will actually do something.

· To date, using insurance to protect a host city from cost overruns has not been used extensively.

· As of this writing, no detailed funding plan [for moving the USPS facility] has been developed and it’s likely that the Commonwealth will seek significant federal funding.

How to fix: Be honest. Tell us that nobody has done these things.

· No one has ever insured an Olympics against cost overruns.

· There is no funding to move the facility; Massachusetts would need to fund it.

Writers beware: If you aren’t sure who did something or who is going to do something, ask!

When we see things like this:

· After the button is pressed…

· When the job is started…

· When the prompt is set…

First, we die a little inside. Second, we ask:

· Who is pressing the button? Your great aunt Tillie?

· Who or what started the job? Bob the cat?

· Who or what set the prompt? Your mom? A spontaneous power surge?

Be proactive (or Proactiv®) like the acne medicine. Ask questions and find out who did something before telling us what happened. It will help you avoid the passive voice.

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