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Editor’s Corner: Tom Swifties Contest Results, continued

Today and tomorrow, I would like to present you with more Tom Swifties from your talented co-workers. For those of you who somehow missed it, Tom Swifties are puns “in which the adverb at the end of the sentence takes off punningly from the quotation, as in ‘I dropped my toothpaste, said Tom crestfallen.’”

Today’s batch is brought to you by two people: Dan Green and Ben Smith. Our buddy Dan gets an honorable mention for sending us editors the perfect “Swiftie” of our own.

Ben gets an honorable mention for sticking with programming and JHA products as his theme. For those of us not so programmatically inclined, Ben has included helpful hints with his Swifties.

Thanks, guys!

From Dan:

· “They threw me out of the Navy two days after I enlisted,” said Tom fleetingly.

· “Let’s set a wedding date,” Tom suggested engagingly.

· “I’m the most wanted escaped criminal in the U.S.,” said Tom with consternation.

· “The heron has flown away again,” said Tom with regret.

· “I skinned a banana and it was rotten,” said Tom unappealingly.

· “Om, om, om, om,” said Tom enchantingly.

· “All the halibut is mine!” shouted Tom selfishly.

· “Bah! I’ve eaten enough grass,” said Tom sheepishly.

· Just for editors: “I hate grammar and I don’t care what you think,” said Tom irregardlessly.

From Ben: Programmer Tom Swifties

· The Associate Class got that method from its Person Base-Class," said Tom inheritably.

Hint: inheritance

· "The Associate Class is a Person Class, but a Person Class isn’t necessarily an Associate Class," said Tom abstractly.

Hint: abstraction

· "I believe iPhone Apps are written in a certain derivation of the C-Language," said Tom objectively.

Hint: The language iPhone apps are written in can be named with language above and the adverb!

· “I’ll show you how to create an object in C#," said Tom classily.

Hint: How do you create an object in C#?

· “The string is the culmination of all the characters between the quotation marks," said Tom literally.

Hint: Google ‘string literally c#’.

· "To start with, the Prism framework helps create a ‘decoupled’ architecture," said Tom modularly.

Hint: Prism registers code in these.

· "We will need a flexible and cost-effective check imaging platform that deploys competitively distinct n-tier architecture to provide operational flexibility," said Tom foresightedly.

Hint: It’s a JHA check-imaging product pun!

· "I won’t sit-up straight at a right-angle; I prefer my chair laid back," said Tom obtusely.

Hint: His waist is the Vertex!

· "If you subtract the greater number from the lesser, you will not get a positive number," said Tom negatively.

Hint: What do you get?

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