Posted by: Jack Henry | January 31, 2013

Editor’s Corner: B is for Baseball

Today we have a bunch of “B” words for you. This is by no means the full list of “B” homonyms, nor the complete list of confounding English terms beginning with the second letter in our alphabet. As with the other A through Z terms, these are from, with examples here and there from the Editrix.

ball a sphere
bawl to cry or wail loudly
base the bottom; vulgar; headquarters (singular)

Example: Our home base was at the base of the mountain, where Captain Jack often used base language when referring to his girlfriends.

bass low vocal or instrumental range (pronounced like lace); a type of fish (pronounced like lass)

Example: When Gunther plays his bass guitar, the bass swim to the surface of the lake, mesmerized by his playing.

because vs. since Rule. Because and since can be used almost interchangeably although because always indicates cause and effect and since is used for a relationship or time.

Example: Since I have a gift card, I will pay for dinner. (not cause and effect)

Example: I’m going to the circus because my daughter is the trapeze artist. (cause and effect)

Example: I have wanted a llama since I learned how to spin my own yarn. (time)

biannual twice a year
biennial every two years
semiannual twice a year (same as biannual)
boarder someone who pays for room and food
border perimeter; boundary
brake stop
break separate into pieces
brewed fermented
brood (verb, noun) mull over; a cluster or family
bridal relating to brides
bridle a harness, usually for a horse

Example: After trying on so many tight bridal dresses I felt like I was wearing a bridle; and then the neighing and counting with my foot started.

bring you bring something towards

Example: “Seabiscuit, please bring that carrot to me.”

take you take something away

Example: I will take Isabel’s bottle from her if she continues to misbehave.

buy purchase, acquire
by near, next to
bye short for goodbye

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Kara Church

Senior Technical Editor

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