Posted by: episystechpubs | January 30, 2013

Editor’s Corner: A few more for the “A” list

I have a few more frequently confused word clusters from the A’s today. By special request, I’ve also included the fraternal triplets: assure/ensure/insure. The definitions are from; the examples are from my frazzled brain.

· all together refers to a group; all of us or all of them together
Example: I love it when the family is all together for Groundhog Day.
· altogether entirely
Example: It is not altogether her fault.
· amount used for things not countable
Example:The tank couldn’t hold that amount of water.
· number used for things that can be counted
Example:The number of pages decreased ten percent after the manuscript was edited.
· among involves three or more
Example: Who among us can start a fire without matches?
· between involves just two
Example: Shiloh couldn’t decide between the pork chop and the ox tail.
· any more something additional or further
Example: Buck doesn’t make any more money than his brother.
· anymore any longer, nowadays
Example: You don’t bring me flowers anymore. <sniff>
· assure to promise or say with confidence
Example: I assure you I will never use any of your teen body spray.
· ensure to make sure something will/won’t happen
Example: You can ensure your child’s safety by using a seatbelt.

· insure to issue an insurance policy
Example:I feel confident using this meat saw because I’m insured against accidental death and dismemberment.

Kara Church

Senior Technical Editor

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