Posted by: Jack Henry | June 15, 2012

Editor’s Corner: A spoonful of sugar…

Let’s start the weekend early with something fun! Today we’ll look at Spoonerisms. Spoonerisms are words or phrases where certain sounds get mixed up—when you’re talking faster than you think, or perhaps have had too much to drink. My dad’s second favorite is “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.” His number one favorite is not fit for print. 🙂

The Spoonerism was named after Reverend William Archibald Spooner, a man who apparently mixed his words often. A brief history of the reverend and more details on Spoonerisms can be found on The Wordplay Web Site ( The list below contains an edited list of Spoonerisms from the same web site.


From Reverend Spooner himself…

Spoonerism Actual Phrase
fighting a liar lighting a fire
you hissed my mystery lecture you missed my history lecture
cattle ships and bruisers battle ships and cruisers
nosey little cook cozy little nook
a blushing crow a crushing blow
we’ll have the hags flung out we’ll have the flags hung out
you’ve tasted two worms you’ve wasted two terms
our shoving leopard our loving shepherd
a half-warmed fish a half-formed wish

…and from others…

Spoonerism Actual Phrase
lack of pies pack of lies
I’m a damp stealer I’m a stamp dealer
mad bunny bad money
lead of spite speed of light
I hit my bunny phone I hit my funny bone
flutter by butterfly
it crawls through the fax it falls through the cracks
my zips are lipped my lips are zipped
Would you like a nasal hut? Would you like a hazel nut?
belly jeans jelly beans

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