Posted by: Jack Henry | June 14, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Irregular Verbs Answer Time!

Folks, I’m sorry I forgot the voting buttons on my e-mail earlier.

Today’s response totals are:

ABC – 0

CCB – 50

BBB – 4

BCB – 53

CCC – 5

Total number of responders: 112

Looks like the first question threw a lot of people for a loop. At the bottom I’ve included a “lay/lie” chart; I think it is better than the one from last week.

1) In the early morning, before they get him up, he lies in his crib and sings. [I lie, you lie, he lies]

2) At midnight, the boy crept downstairs as quietly as he could.

3) As Allie and Timmy sit together, she reads American Psycho, which she had brought for him.

Review of Lie and Lay(from


Tense Form Examples
Present Lie I think I will lie down for a while.
Past Lay Yesterday, I lay in bed until noon.
Past Participle Lain She has lain on the couch all afternoon.
Present Participle Lying Mildred is lying in bed.


Tense Form Examples
Present Lay I think I will lay the book on the table.
Past Laid Yesterday, I laid the book on the table.
Past Participle Laid She has laid the book on the table.
Present Participle Laying Mildred is laying the book on the table.

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