Posted by: Jack Henry | April 6, 2023

Editor’s Corner: It’s haiku time again!

Dear readers,

Last year we had a fun contest where I asked you to send me your haiku poems, and you did me proud! Well, I was just reminded that April 17 is National Haiku Day! It’s spring, it’s a new year, and it seems like a great time to celebrate, so I’d like to run another contest. Between today and April 16, I would love it if you would send me your haiku. For every entry you send, I’ll put your name on the list, and by April 17, I’ll randomly select a winner. I will share your haiku with the group, as long as they are PG-13, safe for work, and your own. Last year we had a lot about pets, the office, working from home, nature, and even some about miniature candy bars. The world is your oyster!

Remember, a haiku is three lines following the 5-7-5 syllable rule. Here is a selection of last year’s entries to remind you.

Haiku by a Dog

Can I have a treat?

Wait—stranger at the door—

Back. About that treat…

B. Jones

Not Again…

Video meeting.

I share a great idea,

And I am on mute.

H. Blades

Haikus are too hard

Limericks are easier

No Nantucket, please

K. Slayton

Here is my attempt

To give this contest a whirl

These feel weird to write.

S. Walter

She called the poet

I implore your artsy side

This haiku is done

M. Griffin

Jump in, it’s not cold

Trust me, I have tested it!

Oh, wait it is cold.

T. Fluellen

Oh, and the prize! Well, I haven’t decided yet. I will probably pick two winners, and they will most likely receive books related to the fun side of English and words. I love mondegreens (misheard song lyrics), so I may just open my Amazon account and send you a couple of my favorite collections. We’ll see what happens.

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