Posted by: Jack Henry | January 24, 2023

Editor’s Corner: Financial Wellness and a Mermaid’s Purse

Good morning, folks!

January is Financial Wellness Month, and I’ve been trying to think of some ways to honor that here with Editor’s Corner. I’ve written articles on percentages, dollars, money, and other topics, but that doesn’t seem like enough.

Today I have an offering from the Purpose Office itself, which is perfect for readers and language lovers, while also backing Jack Henry’s support of our financial wellness: a new book club! For more information and to fill out the form, click here. These are the basics about the book:

The Seven Phases of Financial Wellness: A Simplified Personal Finance System That Will Transform How You View Money, by Joe Brown. The book is available for purchase here, it is currently less than six dollars on Kindle®, and it is under 80 pages. Here is an excerpt from the book cover:

“This book summarizes the essential elements of personal finance and teaches you how to begin the journey to experience real financial wellness. The key actions include earning money, giving money, tracking money, protecting money, saving money, spending money, and enjoying money.”

How could you go wrong? Read a bit, learn a bit, and hopefully reach a state of financial wellness—maybe you’ll even reach nirvana? Join us and become part of the club. In the meantime, there are some additional resources on jhDaily.

And now, for the term of the day: mermaid’s purse.

A mermaid’s purse is a capsule made of collagen protein strands. I thought it must contain sand dollars, but instead it holds the eggs of some sharks, skates, and chimaeras. It usually holds just one embryo per purse, but sometimes as many as seven. They are generally rectangular with projections (horns) at each corner. Here is a photo of a mermaid’s purse:

And some Northern California sand dollars, which I’d rather have than shark eggs:

Enjoy your day!

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