Posted by: Jack Henry | September 15, 2022

Editor’s Corner: Saturday

For as many depressing songs as Monday has, Saturday is a happening day that a lot of us can’t wait for! Here are just a few songs about that day of the week.

  • Saturday, in the Park
  • Saturday Night’s Alright
  • Saturday Sun
  • Almost Saturday
  • Saturday Night Special
  • Saturday Love
  • Saturday Night at the Movies

To finish up our series, let’s see what has to say about Saturday:

The first records of the word Saturday come from before 900. It comes from the Middle English Saturdai, from the Old English Saternesdæg, which is a partial translation of the Latin Sāturnī diēs, meaning “Saturn’s day.”

The ancient Romans named the day we call Saturday after the planet Saturn, which was named for their god of agriculture. This naming system was based on the one credited to the ancient Babylonians, who are thought to be the first to use a seven-day week and who named each of the seven days after planets and other celestial bodies.

In U.S. history, the Saturday Night Massacre is a name for the events of October 20, 1973, during which senior government officials resigned to protest actions by President Richard Nixon related to the Watergate scandal.

In pop culture, Saturday Night Live is a long-running sketch comedy show that’s broadcast live on Saturday night.

In English, we still stick with Saturn’s day, while the other romance languages and Greek, return to the newer, religious definition: Saturday is the sabbath, a day of religious observance and abstinence from work. Jewish people recognize the sabbath (Shabbat) from Friday evening to Saturday evening. Most Christians recognize their day of rest on Sunday.

English Greek Spanish French Italian Romanian Portuguese
Sunday Κυριακή


Domingo Dimanche Domenica Duminică Domingo
Monday Δευτέρα


Lunes Lundi Lunedi Luni Segunda-Feira
Tuesday Τρίτη


Martes Mardi Martedì Marţi Terça-Feira
Miércoles Mercredi Mercoledì Miercuri Quarta-Feira
Jueves Jeudi Giovedì Joi Quinta-Feira
Viernes Vendredit Venerdì Vineri Sexta-Feira
Sábado Samedi Sabato Sâmbătă Sábado

Now it is time for our day of rest, after covering English and the days of the week. I’m sure there are so many other stories out there, depending on different religions, history, and languages. I hope you’ve learned something new…I know I have!

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