Posted by: Jack Henry | August 30, 2022

Editor’s Corner: It’s almost Woden’s day!

Welcome to Wednesday! Well, not quite yet, but I’m continuing our days of the week adventure.

While most of the Romance languages we’re looking at name Wednesday after the Roman messenger god, Mercurii (Mercury), English has kept the day named after Woden, the Old English god of wisdom, healing, death, royalty, the gallows, war, battle, victory, poetry, and the runic alphabet. (Yep, he was a busy dude! According to Wikipedia, he also did some magic.) Here is a little bit from

The first records of the word Wednesday come from before 950. It comes from the Middle English Wednesdai, from the Old English Wōdnesdæg, meaning “Woden‘s day.” This is a translation of (or is modeled on) the Latin term Mercuriī diēs, meaning “Mercury’s day.” In Old English, the Roman god Mercury was subbed out in favor of Woden, the chief god of Anglo-Saxon mythology (equivalent to the Norse god Odin).

English Ancient Greek Roman Spanish French Italian Romanian
Sunday Day of the sun

(hemera helio)

Day of the sun

(dies Solis)

Domingo Dimanche Domenica Duminică
Monday Day of the moon

(hemera selenes)

Day of the moon

(dies Lunae)

Lunes Lundi Lunedi Luni
Tuesday Ares, war god Martis, war god Martes Mardi Martedì Marţi
Wednesday Hermes, messenger god Mercurii, messenger god Miércoles Mercredi Mercoledì Miercuri
Thursday Zeus, god of sky/thunder Jovis (Jove/Jupiter), sky and thunder god Jueves Jeudi Giovedì Joi
Friday Aphrodite, love goddess Veneris (Venus), love goddess Viernes Vendredit Venerdì Vineri
Kronos, time god
Saturn, father of Jupiter Sábado Samedi Sabato Sâmbătă

Woden (Odin)

Winged sandal of Hermes (Mercury) the messenger god

Here’s wishing you a happy Wodenesday tomorrow!

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