Posted by: Jack Henry | May 10, 2022

Editor’s Corner: The final haiku

Hello all! Today is the last of the haiku you submitted for the contest. Three cheers to all of you who sent in your works of art. Today is sort of a free-for-all topic-wise. Most of these have the haiku, then author listed, but towards the end I have the author first because some of you sent in a lot of haiku. The ones that won’t get me in trouble are all here! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

She’s a Looker Haiku

My girl is real cute

She’s in the mirror all day

I’m still waiting to see me

T. Fluellen

Dream Ride Haiku

That ride was hilly

Maybe I need a new bike

Did I just dream that?

T. Fluellen


Hope springs eternal

Hope my Astros aren’t cheating

Baseball brings us hope

B. Jones

Stone nymph, haiku dream

While moist mulch pokes under brick

It’s time for Wordle

K. Halvin

Wordle obsession

Three vowels in starting word

Two options… well crap…

B. Jones

Haiku for Calvin’s Dad

Why do ice cubes float?

It’s cold, ice wants to get warm.

Nearer sun’s warmer.

Chris Aston

Ode to My Hair-Challenged Dad

So bright and shiny

My noggin painfully red

Oh no, my bald head

B. Selden

For evermore die

Said the chirping wire bird

Be nigh silent bud

Marty Griffin

Haiku for the Reader

A used book for me?

One more is always welcome.

It still reads as new.

C. Aston

They want me badly

I sneak out of Trader Joe’s

“Sign this petition”

E. Boyd

Wife, Augie, Mustang

Retirement plans in progress

Warmer climate time!

M. Murrock, ACCESS FCU

Haiku Pikachu

Where can I find you today?

I know, look for you.

S. Walter

Diplomacy, yes.

Open hand slap not the best.

Peace and love to all.

E. Flick

“Big cars are comfy,”

I think, as I stop for gas

Again and again.

J. Lucas

Last day of the month

Getting older, time goes fast

Hello to next month

E. Flick

Haiku for Teenagers

Clothes exit the dryer

Clean plates leave the dishwasher

Trash departs your room

B. Jones


D. Isaman

Haiku Trouble #2

People are lazy

I hate when things aren’t finished

Like a haiku

Haiku Trouble #3

I tried to write a haiku,

But I got reversed

The structure of a haiku


With blood the heart beats,

But can two hearts beat the odds?

Together ours can!

M. Acuff

Haiku Season of Truth

Ode to my mailbox

So strong and stately you stood

Now you’re just rubbish

A pile of brown bricks

No match for Maggie Mazda

You did leave a mark!

Expenses for both

Incurred by the spouse un-named

I dare not complain

C. Sparkman

They grow up so fast…

Diapers are not cheap

Two transmission replacements

Grown kids have grown bills

Digital grandkids

FaceTime me Gramma

Text my line or Tweet or Skype

I’ll call you later

Empty Nesters

This is not my cake

I can’t deny I ate it

No one else to blame

W. Ponath

You Are

You are my best friend.

All that I think of is you.

My heart is so full.

Rain Tears

Rain falls on my face.

But the sun will shine again.

Can I cry till then?

New Pup

We have a new pup.

He knows where to pee and poop.

We love him so much.

It’s Too Early

My room is all dark.

My alarm clock is ringing.

The bed is so warm.

Gone Fishing

I have some free time.

I like fishing from the pier.

Fish do not know me.

So Sad

Can love become hate?

Can good ever become bad?

Oh, without a doubt.

Summer Rain

The clouds are building,

Rain on asphalt, what a smell!

I love summer storms.

Last One?

This is the last one;

or does it need to be last?

Maybe it’s penultimate.

I Am

To be, not to be!

What is to be, not to be?

I am that I am.

Mike Timmerman

[KC] Your haiku were great

With Sandy Bottom funnies

I laughed every time.

High upon their thrones

Counting syllables with glee

Editors delight

Before it’s too late

I’m begging you to listen

Refinance today.

It was really good

The haiku that I thought of

Alas, it is gone.

Rising from ashes

Haiku versus Godzilla

Tokyo saved again

Idiom Haiku

It was puppy love

With the apple of my eye

Then we tied the knot

Candy Bar Haiku Duel: K. Slayton and J. Matheney

Payday candy bars!

So, what is Hershey’s quota?

How many loose nuts?

K. Slayton

Nothing hits the floor

When Matheney eats Paydays

All in one big bite.

J. Matheney

That’s true to the word!

There’s only one nice big bite.

Watch out! The wrapper!

K. Slayton

Plastic’s everywhere

Oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams…

But not in my gut.

J. Matheney

Kara Church

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