Posted by: Jack Henry | November 18, 2021

Editor’s Corner: Some Food-Based Words You May Be Saying Wrong

The holidays are coming up fast, and food is on everyone’s minds. Now that we’re starting to eat out again, or starting to think about it, I thought I’d share a list of words you might be saying wrong when you place your order.

I have visions of harried servers blowing off steam by making fun of my mispronunciations—is it just me? My husband doesn’t seem to care at all if he accidentally gets it wrong, and people find him charming. He works with a lot of Latinx folks, and they get a kick out of the way he says Spanish words with a Cockney London accent.

For those of us who are not as charming or as wildly confident, here’s a list of words along with their proper pronunciation and a brief explanation of what they actually are.

Word Pronunciation Explanation
acai ah-sigh-EE A South American superfood berry used in smoothie bowls
bruschetta broo-SKEH-tah Italian grilled bread with olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, salt, pepper, and sometimes other toppings
croissant kwah-SAHNT


A French crescent shaped buttery roll
crudités kroo-de-TAY Raw vegetables usually cut into bite sized pieces and served with dipping sauce
endive EN-dive


EN-dive is a green leafy vegetable from the daisy family

ahn-DEEV is a cream-colored torpedo-shaped vegetable

gnocchi NYAW-kee Thick Italian soft-dough dumplings
haricot vert ARR-ee-coh-vehr A thin green bean
mascarpone mas-car-POH-neh


Mild Italian soft cheese made from cow’s milk
Moët et Chandon mwett eh SHA(n)-doh Famous French champagne
moussaka moo-sah-KAH Greek dish of ground meet (lamb or beef) and layered sliced vegetables, often eggplant, with béchamel sauce.
phô fuh Vietnamese noodles, served in broth
quinoa keen-WAH Small protein-rich seeds from the goosefoot plant
sherbet SHUR-bit Frozen dessert of fruit juice, water, sugar, and usually cream
turmeric TUR-mer-ik Bright yellow powdered root spice
vichyssoise vee-shee-SWHAZ


A French leek and potato soup, usually served cold

Now I’m hungry. Time for lunch!

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