Posted by: Jack Henry | June 8, 2021

Editor’s Corner: Four Sentence Types

Happy Tuesday to you all.

Today I’m going to share some information about the four sentence types. Yep, there are only four, and even if you don’t remember them from your school days, you may find the information interesting now. So, let’s share some nerd time and delve into a review. These are the four sentence types:

  • Declarative
  • Imperative
  • Interrogative
  • Exclamatory

Declarative sentences make a statement or express an opinion. This kind of sentence ends with a period.


· I want to take a long walk after work. (statement)

· The perfect weather for walking is 65 degrees. (opinion)

Imperative sentences give a command or make a request. These sentences usually end with a period, but they can also end with an exclamation point.


· “You need to get outside and take a walk right now!” (command)

· “You should take a walk with me.” (request)

Interrogative sentences ask a question. These sentences often begin with who, what, where, when, why, how, or do, and they end with a question mark.


· “When do you think you’ll be ready to take that walk?”

· “Do you know if the weather will be good enough to walk later on?”

Exclamatory sentences express emotion, like excitement, surprise, happiness, and anger, and they end with an exclamation point.


· “It is much too hot and steamy to walk right now!”

· “I walked over five miles today!”

There it is. All you need to know about sentence types—at least for today. I hope the weather is good enough for you take a walk and get your 10,000 steps in.

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