Posted by: Jack Henry | April 1, 2021

Editor’s Corner: What do you call someone from…

I was recently looking up what to call someone from Minnesota (Minnesotan) and I stumbled on a list of what different states call their residents. I was a little hesitant with a list I found on, because it says people from Washington state are called Washingtonians (right-o) or ‘Toners. In all the years my family has lived there, I have never heard anyone call themself a ‘Toner. (It sure sounds like “stoner.” I suspect it may be an attempt to categorize Washingtonians as tree-hugging, dope-smoking hippies.)

And now that I am down here in California, I have yet to hear anyone call themselves a Californiac; I imagine that’s an insult to “crazy” Californians from people who live elsewhere.

I found another list at State Symbols USA, which seems a bit more accurate, but I am including the ones from to find out from actual residents what all y’all call yourselves.

State Resident Name Alternatives (from
Alabama Alabamian; Alabaman
Alaska Alaskan
Arizona Arizonan; Arizonian KC – I heard people in CA use Zonies as an insult.
Arkansas Arkansan Arkansawyers
California Californian Californiacs
Colorado Coloradan; Coloradoan
Connecticut Connecticuter; Nutmegger
Delaware Delawarean
Florida Floridian; Floridan
Georgia Georgian
Hawaii Hawaiian; kamaaina (native-born, nonethnic Hawaiian); malihini (newcomer)
Idaho Idahoan Idahoers
Illinois Illinoisan Illinoians and Illinoisians
Indiana Hoosier; Indianan; Indianian Indianers
Iowa Iowan Hawkeyes
Kansas Kansan Jayhawkers
Kentucky Kentuckian Kentuckers and Kentuckeyites
Louisiana Louisianan; Louisianian
Maine Mainer Down Easters
Maryland Marylander Marylandians
Massachusetts Bay Stater Massachusettsans
Michigan Michiganian, Michigander; Michiganite
Minnesota Minnesotan
Mississippi Mississippian Mississippers
Missouri Missourian
Montana Montanan
Nebraska Nebraskan Cornhuskers
Nevada Nevadan; Nevadian
New Hampshire New Hampshirite, Granite Stater
New Jersey New Jerseyite; New Jerseyan
New Mexico New Mexican
New York New Yorker Empire Staters
North Carolina North Carolinian
North Dakota North Dakotan
Ohio Ohioan, Buckeye
Oklahoma Oklahoman Sooners [KC – It also listed Okies, but my understanding is that that term is derogatory.]
Oregon Oregonian
Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Pennamites [KC – And never have any of my Pennsylvanian relatives used this term.]
Rhode Island Rhode Islander Rhodians
South Carolina South Carolinian
South Dakota South Dakotan
Tennessee Tennessean; Tennesseean
Texas Texan Texians [KC – Um, anyone?]
Utah Utahan, Utahn
Vermont Vermonter
Virginia Virginian
Washington Washingtonian ‘Toners [KC – No. Never heard it.]
West Virginia West Virginian
Wisconsin Wisconsinite Cheeseheads
Wyoming Wyomingite

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