Posted by: Jack Henry | October 1, 2020

Editor’s Corner: Texting Abbreviations

Hello, my people.

After my last email to you all, Jason M. suggested that I provide a list of some of the common texting abbreviations we use. First, let me give you a little personal background: my husband, Mick, was resistant and kind of late to the “cell phone fad.” He doesn’t use emojis or abbreviations. And, to this day, witnessing him try to figure out texting abbreviations has given me some of my happiest moments.

So, for your reading pleasure, I am providing just a few of the most common work-appropriate texting abbreviations (there are so many more, and the list grows every second). I’m also providing the meanings, just in case you don’t know some of them. And lastly, I asked Mick to look at the list and give me his best guess as to what they mean. He got a few right…

I hope you enjoy.

Abbreviation Meaning Mick’s best guess
LOL Laugh out loud Laugh out loud
OMG Oh my God/Oh my gosh Oh my God
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing Right on, French loaf
TY Thank you Too young
WTH What the heck What the heck
BF Boyfriend/best friend Best friend
GF Girlfriend Good Friday
BFF Best friends forever Best friends forever
LMK Let me know Leave my kitchen
JK Just kidding John Kennedy
ILY I love you I love you
YOLO You only live once You old limp loaf
SMH Shaking my head See me hurdle
BTW By the way Beat the window
CU See you Clean underpants
IKR I know, right? I keep reading
IDK I don’t know Internal driving knob
IDC I don’t care Industrial duck cap
NSFW Not safe for work Not so fast, William
ICYMI In case you missed it I can’t yield my ice cream
IMO In my opinion Instant mouse diaper
BRB Be right back Bring red beans
TTYL Talk to you later Too tight yellow leggings
TBH To be honest Try blue hats
OMW On my way Oh, my word
AFAIK As far as I know A fat aunt in the Kremlin
IIRC If I remember correctly I irritate rich customers
OTOH On the other hand On top of head

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