Posted by: Jack Henry | August 6, 2020

What Day Is It?

Good morning from my home office. I know that many of you are also working from home now. Like me, are you having trouble remembering what day it is? I do my best to keep regular work hours, and I have a room that I use as my office, so it kind of feels like I’m “going to work” every morning. But I’m still having trouble knowing which day of the week I’m in. Some weeks I’ve been two days off!

Friends and colleagues are telling me that they also don’t know what the heck day it is—it turns out that people all over the world are experiencing this phenomena. And some people also feel like time has shifted—it has either sped up (for those who find themselves being even more busy than they used to be) or it has slowed down (for those who are experiencing more loneliness and boredom).

This kind of thing is normal when your usual routine is interrupted. And when it is interrupted for as long as this pandemic has been going on (and for as long as it looks like it will continue), the days just kind of blur into each other.

So, lots of people think we need a way to describe this feeling of not knowing what day it is. And I know a lot of you are probably way ahead of me, but last week I found a couple of possibilities on the internet. When you just don’t have a clue what day it is, why not call it Whensday? And when the day you’re having seems like all the others you’ve had recently, why not call it Blursday?

Problem solved!

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