Posted by: Jack Henry | August 22, 2019

Editor’s Corner: Mispronounced Words

Good morning, everyone. Today I’m sharing a list of mispronounced words. Coming from a family of many varied accents, I wondered if the pronunciations would differ regionally, and my guess is that they do; however, I checked the pronunciations on the Merriam-Webster website, so whether you’re from California, Kentucky, or Maine, these are the preferred pronunciations. I was surprised by a couple of them.

This is by no means a complete list, but it gets the conversation started.

acai: should be ah-sigh-EE

conch: should be conk

espresso: should be es-PRESS-O (not ex-PRESS-o)

February: should be FEB-ru-ar-ee (we shouldn’t be dropping the first r).

forte: should be fort (not for-TAY)

foyer: should be FOY-er (not foy-YAY)

gala: should be GAY-la (not GAL-uh)

hyperbole: should be hy-PER-ba-lee (not HY-per-bowl)

liable: should be LIE-a-ble (not LIE-ble)

library: should be LIE-brare-ee (don’t drop the first r)

meme: should be meem

mischievous: should be MIS-chiv-ous (not mis-CHEEV-i-ous)

niche: should be nitch (not neesh)

nuclear: should be NEW-clee-ur (not NEW-que-lur)

often: should be OFF-en (not OFF-ten)

realtor: should be REEL-tur (not REE-la-tur)

regime: should be RAY-geem (not RUH-geem)

sherbet: should be sher-BET (not SHER-bert)

status: should be STAY-tus (not STAH-tus)

triathlon: should be tri-ATH-len (not tri-ATH-a-lon)

valet: should be VAL-it (not val-AY)

And because my son recently graduated with a degree in zoology…

zoology: should be zoh-AH-lo-jee (not zoo-AH-lo-jee)

And because my other son is in the Coast Guard…

boatswain: should be boh-sun

coxswain: should be kahk-sun

How many surprised you? I hope you have a fabulous day.

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