Posted by: Jack Henry | August 6, 2019

Editor’s Corner: Top Spelling Searches


You know me—I love language and I love maps. A language map? Well, yes, I feel like I just might be in heaven. But this is a bit of a sad map, because it is about the word in each state that is “Googled” most often to see how it is spelled. Now, I have a couple of issues with this map as far as a scientific study. I see that they say in Washington and New Jersey, the word is grey, yet since we are in America, the word should be gray. Both are valid spellings, but one is more appropriate here than the other.

One of the items that made me laugh was Hawaiians looking up Hawaii…but I think that one is also suspect. It is very possible that people want to know if the correct spelling is Hawaii or Hawai‘i. (One article I read said that the Big Island is Hawai’i, the state is Hawaii. Then there are other articles about when the okina () started being used and which version is actually traditional Hawaiian. Anyway, I don’t have a definitive answer about that.)

In any case, here is the map and you can make your own observations and assumptions. It is from the article here, at Delaware and veterinarians…interesting!

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

Symitar Documentation Services

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