Posted by: Jack Henry | June 25, 2019

Editor’s Corner: Importance of Writing at Your Job, Part 1

Good morning, everyone! The other day, my fearless leader, Jill, sent me this article to read from Fast Company. I thought it was too good not to share, so today you get a preview—the reason behind the article. On Thursday, I’ll send you a link and the “meat” of the topic. Enjoy!

This skill makes you more employable, no matter the role by Jaleh Bisharat

I’ve found that one of the most interesting predictors of success is being a good writer—even if the job itself doesn’t require much writing. For this reason, I emphasize hiring good writers and encourage team members to prioritize writing skills. Almost every time I’ve broken the “hire good writers” rule, I’ve regretted it.

For the past 25 years, I’ve asked for a writing sample from job candidates. I don’t request they create something new (because I think it’s important that job candidates not have to complete anything resembling “free work”). Any piece of writing is useful, as long as you wrote it entirely yourself.

Why care so much about this?


Here are three reasons why being a good writer is important, and why writing is a skill worth focusing on, no matter your job description:

1. Good writing correlates with crisp thinking. Writing provides excellent insight into the way someone’s mind works. Good writers have well-structured thoughts and an orderly outlook. Who doesn’t want great thinkers on their team?

2. Clear, persuasive communication is the underpinning of a successful professional. Other skills matter a great deal, of course, but you’ll go further if you can express yourself well in writing. Whether you’re communicating with partners, customers, or coworkers, the way you write influences how people view both you and your company. Clear communication builds confidence and creates more productive relationships.

3. If you’re a good writer, there will always be work for you to do. And if you’re not a good writer, there will sometimes be more work for your boss to do, because if they care about how you or the company is coming across, they’ll have to fix your written work.

And remember, here at JHA we think this is so important that we have free editing services at your disposal. If you have client-facing documentation that is Symitar-related (credit unions), check out the services we offer on the Symitar Editing page. If you have JHA-related (banking) content, have a look at the JHA Editing Services site.

Now that you know good writing is important, I will share the seven tips to help you improve…on Thursday!

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

Symitar Documentation Services

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