Posted by: Jack Henry | December 31, 2018

Editor’s Corner: ‘Twas the night before New Year’s…

Hello and a Happy New Year’s Eve Day to you!

Looking for a fabulous way to start off 2019? Daily Writing Tips has provided us with a list of 41 synonyms for good that are certain to make things interesting. Click here to see the full list of words. I have a few of my favorite here for you to start with.

I hope 2019 is your most exquisite, dazzling, five-star year ever!

  1. breathtaking – amazing, surprising, astonishing, enough to make you gasp with pleasure, and almost enough to make you forget to breathe.
  2. dazzling – amazing, splendid, brilliant, shining so bright that it’s hard to see it.
  3. delightful – causing joy, delight, or pleasure, producing positive emotion, with the same Latin root as “delectable.”
  4. deluxe – high quality, related to luxury, from the Latin for “excess.”
  5. exceptional – uncommon, rare, and better for being so.
  6. exquisite – exceptionally fine or rare, with the sense of extreme
  7. favorable – helpful, encouraging, positive, convenient, such as getting hoped-for results.
  8. first-rate – exceptionally good, in the highest class. Describing a British naval vessel with more than 100 guns.
  9. formidable – causing awe, respect, wonder, or even fear, perhaps because it’s so large or strong.
  10. gilt-edged – high quality, from the practice of putting a thin layer of gold on the edges of a book.
  11. gratifying – pleasing, satisfying, making someone content.
  12. incredible – amazing, beyond belief, almost too good to be true.
  13. magnificent – splendid, elegant, noble. From the Latin word for “great deeds.”
  14. prime – first, as in first quality.
  15. satisfying – sufficient, pleasing, more than adequate.
  16. shipshape – well-organized, fully prepared, meticulous, tidy. Before you embark on an ocean voyage, you want your ship to be in shape.
  17. sterling – of high, verifiable value, as in sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver. Originally referring to British coins, which had a star or a starling on them in the Middle Ages.
  18. striking – impressive, memorable, calling to mind the striking of a coin.
  19. top-notch – belonging to the highest level, possibly from some 19th century game that used notches to keep score.
  20. welcome – anticipated, a pleasure to see, received with gladness, as in “welcome news.” From the Old English for “a wished-for guest.”

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Technical Editor, Advisory

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