Posted by: Jack Henry | September 4, 2018

Editor’s Corner: Apart vs. A Part

Dear readers,

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Thank you all for reading our articles. We hope you find that they are informative and fun. Now for today’s tidbit!


Good morning, my little dumplings! I hope you are having a great day so far.

Today, unlike most days, I have a simple message and lesson for you. We are going to talk about the single word “apart,” versus the two words “a part.” Yes, I’ve heard reports that some people here don’t seem to know the difference, so let’s have a look.

apart: (adverb) separated by distance; aside; to one side


  • As the two friends aged, their interests grew apart.
  • Apart from salt and pepper, my spice drawer is empty.
  • Bob stood apart from the other dancers; he never liked the smell of men in tights.

a part: (noun) a piece of something; a component; some (but not all) of something; a role in a play or movie; the part of the scalp that shows when you comb a line in your hair


  • Josie got a part in the musical Evita.
  • A part of my heart froze when I saw my first gray hair.
  • I have that puzzle, but a part of it is missing and I can’t finish it.
  • I like to wear a part in my hair on the right side.

When you’re writing, consider what you’re talking about. Are you using an adverb? Is something getting separated from something else? You probably need to use apart. Are you talking about a piece of something or a noun? You can probably use a part.

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

Symitar Documentation Services

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