Posted by: Jack Henry | August 3, 2018

Editor’s Corner: On the Road Again

Wow. I started off yesterday’s article going in one direction—road-related words. Just the mere mention of something remotely connected to chocolate (toll road, toll house, chocolate chips) and I was thrown off course!

I think I have realigned my compass and I am prepared to share the other half of my road trip with you. Here are 20 different names for roads and streets; for the full list of 45 terms, see Daily Writing Tips.

  1. alley: a narrow street, especially one providing access to the rear of buildings or lots between blocks
  2. arterial: a through street or highway
  3. beltway: a highway passing around an urban area
  4. boulevard: a wide road, often divided and/or landscaped
  5. bypass: a road passing around a town
  6. causeway: a highway, especially one raised across water or wet ground
  7. close: a road closed at one end
  8. corniche: a coastal road, especially alongside a cliff face
  9. court: a road closed at one end, especially with a circular end
  10. drag: slang pertaining to a road often traveled on as a leisurely pastime (or, as “main drag,” slang referring to the principal road, or one of the principal roads, in a city or town)
  11. expressway: a high-speed divided highway with partially or fully controlled access
  12. freeway: an expressway with fully controlled access
  13. highway: a main road
  14. interstate: an expressway that traverses more than one state
  15. parkway: a landscaped road
  16. place: a short street
  17. shunpike: a side road used to avoid a main road or a toll road
  18. superhighway: an expressway for high-speed traffic
  19. thoroughfare: a main road, or a road that intersects with more than one other road
  20. turnpike: a main road, especially one on which tolls are or were collected

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

Symitar Documentation Services

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