Posted by: Jack Henry | July 2, 2018

Editor’s Corner: Food Phrases

Someone recently called me a good egg. When I hear the phrase good egg, I automatically think of the phrase bad egg and the scene from the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory when Veruca Salt goes down the garbage chute.

Today, I thought it would be fun to review some food phrases. I gathered these phrases from various online sources.

good egg: a good person

bad egg: a bad person

have all your eggs in one basket: put too much faith in one thing

have egg on one’s face: to be caught or embarrassed

to walk on eggshells: to try hard not to upset someone or something

it’s all gravy: it’s all good

that’s the way the cookie crumbles: that is the way things happen

piece of cake: easy

icing on the cake: something added to something else that is already good

easy as pie: very easy

sell like hotcakes: to sell quickly

spill the beans: give away a secret

full of beans: lively or hyper

big cheese: an important person

use your noodle: use your brain

go bananas or go nuts: to go crazy

bring home the bacon: go earn money

a bun in the oven: pregnant

bread and butter: basic needs of life (food, shelter, clothing)

wake up and smell the coffee: to become aware of your surroundings

cup of tea: something one enjoys or does well

the best thing since sliced bread: a big deal

as keen as mustard: very enthusiastic

as cool as a cucumber: calm and unruffled

two peas in a pod: two identical items or people

a watched pot never boils: time moves slowly when you’re waiting for something to happen

cream of the crop: the best of the best

a lemon: something useless or defective

there’s no use crying over spilled milk: don’t complain about something that has already happened or that can’t be changed

peanuts: low wage

in a pickle: to be in a difficult situation

take something with a grain of salt: to be skeptical of a promise or statement; or to not take things literally or harshly

the proof is in the pudding: something is successful and useful because it has been tried before

butter someone up: to flatter or praise someone

landed in soup: to be in trouble

souped up: to change something to make it faster or more powerful

hot potato: a question or argument that is controversial and difficult to settle

to know your onions: to know a lot about a particular subject

to cherry-pick: to unfairly choose the best people or things

to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut: to do something with more force than is necessary to achieve the results you want

fish out of water: to be uncomfortable in a particular situation

to have bigger fish to fry: to have more important things to do

something is fishy: something is suspicious

a knuckle sandwich: a punch

a sandwich short of a picnic: stupid or crazy

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