Posted by: Jack Henry | May 25, 2018

Editor’s Corner: Percent and Percentage

Someone recently asked if the words percent and percentage can be used interchangeably. We typically use the word percent with a number and the word percentage when a number is omitted.

  • There was an 8 percent increase in attendance these year.

Per the JHA Style Guide for Technical Communication and Training, use a numeral with the word percent, even if it is less than 10 (this is an exception to the rule of spelling out numbers zero through nine and using numerals for 10 and greater).

  • What percentage of the students passed the class?

Now, you may be wondering when to use the word percent and when to use the % symbol. In technical and scientific writing, we commonly use the % symbol (no space between the numeral and symbol). In nontechnical writing, the word percent is commonly used. Whether you use the symbol or the word depends on what kind of documentation you are writing.

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