Posted by: Jack Henry | March 9, 2018

Editor’s Corner: Interjections for the Weekend

Happy Friday!

In celebration of the upcoming weekend (which I have a feeling is going to be fabulous), I’m going to talk about interjections: sounds, words, and short phrases that convey surprise, disappointment, excitement (any emotion or feeling, really). There are two kinds of interjections: primary and secondary.

Primary interjections are sounds rather than words. We use them to describe many feelings.

  • aargh (frustration)
  • brr (cold)
  • eww (disgust)
  • grr (anger)
  • ooh (amazement)
  • phew (relief)
  • woo-hoo (excitement)

Secondary interjections are words or short phrases:

  • good grief
  • oh my goodness
  • shoot
  • dang it
  • what the heck

Because they usually convey strong emotions, most (but not all) interjections are followed an exclamation point.

  • Woo-hoo! You won the race!
  • Eww! Don’t be gross!
  • Dang it! I spilled my beer!

You use them all the time. And if you didn’t already, now you know what they’re called. Yahoo!

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