Posted by: Jack Henry | January 17, 2018

Editor’s Corner: Keep it fresh in 2018

I know, a lot of you dislike it when I send out lists of words or phrases that are considered overused or jargon. But then again, I don’t like it when I have to read a lot of jargon or worn-out phrases, so I guess we’re even! This list is from a email that I subscribe to. It’s part of their resolution to “Keep Writing Fresh in 2018.”

Original Problem Beyond Overuse Alternatives in Careful Writing
on a daily/weekly basis (prep. phrase) wordy daily, weekly
going/moving forward
(adv. phrase)
inaccurate idiom meaning in continuance in the future, from here, from now on
most importantly
(adv. phrase)
incorrect usage as adverb most important (adj), above all
I feel like (verb clause) subjective insertion before a statement
(e.g., I feel like the book is too long)
(strike as unnecessary)
bad optics
(noun phrase)
“buzz” phrase pertaining to the public’s view of something through the media bad perception, bad impression
ubiquitous (adj) big-word-itis (a clinical condition) all over, all around, everywhere
proactive (adj) often redundant modification of an action in progress (e.g. proactively seeking) (strike as unnecessary)
just (adv) intrusive insertion of thought
(e.g., Why don’t we just go tomorrow?)
(strike as unnecessary)
right? (interrogative) highly catch-phrase in nature (meaning: Isn’t that true/correct? Isn’t that so?) (strike as unnecessary)

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