Posted by: Jack Henry | December 5, 2017

Editor’s Corner: Second Day of English (2017)

On the second day of English

My true love gave me this:

Two survey results

And a mistletoe kiss!

If you’ve been reading the Editor’s Corner for a few years, you already know that I have a thing for these maps of different dialects and terms we use across the United States. It’s little words like the words in the following images that often give away where somebody is from, even when they don’t sound like they have a particular accent. Jackie still will not forgive me for saying “aid car” instead of “ambulance.” My husband pretends he doesn’t know what a “license tab” is when I renew my vehicle registration and put the sticker on the license plate.

Here are two dialect maps that I found interesting and funny, but there are several more here (Dialect Survey Results) if you are interested.

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

Symitar Documentation Services

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