Posted by: Jack Henry | September 12, 2017

Editor’s Corner: New York, New York

Hello, everyone! It’s only been a week since I’ve written to you, but it has been a whirlwind of a time. I just arrived home from an exciting week in New York City with my mom. We walked, bussed, boated, “Lyfted,” and took the subway all over the place! Oh yes, we also ran in Central Park (not from anyone, mind you).

Here’s a look at the skyline from our boat tour around Manhattan:

And your word of the day, from the Museum of Modern Art, is odalisque. According to Merriam-Webster, an odalisque is “a female slave or concubine in a harem.” At the museum, it was used to describe different sculptures and paintings of reclining nude females. No pictures of those for you!

One more thing: before I left, I caused some uproar among folks by sending out an article on spatulas. Who knew that would be so exciting? Since I’m just getting back in the groove today, here is a little something I found for you at the Museum of Modern Art design store. I don’t think it’s a flipper or a turner or a spatula. I think, like one of our Editor’s Corner readers, they called it a “spoonula” or something. I did not buy one.

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

Symitar Documentation Services

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