Posted by: Jack Henry | September 5, 2017

Editor’s Corner: Lay vs. Lie Quiz

We have written previously about the difference between lay and lie (most recently in this post), but it continues to be a popular question.

This week, instead of repeating my earlier explanation, I put together a quiz. First, here are some quick reminders:

  • The word place sounds as if it contains the word lay. When you’re talking about placing something, use lay.
  • The word recline sounds as if it contains the word lie. When you’re talking about reclining, use lie.
  • The past tense of lie is lay.

Here are some recent headlines. For each one, try to decide whether lay or lie is correct.

Tip: If you are having trouble deciding between lay and lie, fill in the blank with place or recline, and see which one makes more sense.

1. City _____ Boulders Beneath I-90 in Downtown Spokane to Shift Homeless to Shelters (The Spokesman-Review)
a. Lays
b. Lies

2. How _____ Hardwood Floors Paved the Way for Thomas Rhett’s Success (KWBE)
a. Laying
b. Lying

3. How to Entertain Your Child While _____ Down (Lifehacker)
a. Laying
b. Lying

4. Keenan Reynolds: "Huge Honor" to Take Part in Wreath-_____ Ceremony (PressBox)
a. Laying
b. Lying

5. Philly Man Protests Gun Violence by _____ in Coffin (WPVI)
a. Laying
b. Lying

6. Vanessa Grimaldi Is "_____ Low" Following Nick Viall Split (Entertainment Tonight)
a. Laying
b. Lying

1: a. Lays
2: a. Laying
3: b. Lying
4: a. Laying
5: b. Lying
6: b. Lying

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