Posted by: Jack Henry | July 28, 2017

Editor’s Corner: Worn-Out Words

Good morning folks! The other day I had an interesting email “conversation” with one of you about phrases and jargon that we’re increasingly tired of hearing in meetings. The next day, I received an article from one of my favorite grammar websites going over some similar items.

The following is a selection of phrases you might hear in conversations or read in email, from the website article “Worn-Out Words and Phrases: 2017 (Follow-up)”. Even though we understand what most of the phrases mean, we try to avoid idioms and jargon to present our ideas more directly and clearly. As the author of this article says, “Together, as guardians of good grammar and writing, we can lead in keeping a lush linguistic landscape free of what can sap it of its beauty and strength.”

Worn-Out Word/Phrase Alternatives
24/7 (adv) always; all of the time
absolutely (interj) yes; of course
amazing (adj) stunning, wondrous
at the end of the day (prep. phrase) in the end, ultimately
by the same token (prep. phrase) similarly
cutting-edge (adj) leading, innovative
drop(ped) the ball (verb phrase) bungle, botch, fail to follow up
from the get-go (prep. phrase) from the start, beginning
high-impact (adj) forceful, powerful, productive
holistic (adj) comprehensive, integrated
impact(ed) (v) affect(ed), influence(d)
it’s not rocket science (idiomatic clause) it’s simple, easy
a lot/too much on plate
(noun phrase)
busy, occupied, swamped (adj)
on the same page (prep. phrase) agree, concur (v)
paradigm shift (noun phrase) radical change, new belief
perfect storm (noun phrase, idiom) crisis, ordeal, quagmire
proactive (adj) diligent, motivated, thinking ahead
reach out (verb with particle) contact, connect
safe haven (tautological noun phrase) haven, refuge, sanctuary
synergy (n) teamwork, harmony, unity
think outside the box (verb phrase) be creative, think differently

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