Posted by: Jack Henry | July 18, 2017

Editor’s Corner: Mind over Matter

This week I’m working from afar, visiting my dad who’s had some nasty health findings over the past two months. As we drove home from his ninth or tenth MRI, I asked him if they gave him a punch card where the eleventh one was free. He started telling me different jokes about his brain cancer surgery and I thought I’d look into some idioms about the mind. (Yes, we find fun where we can, even while wheeling each other through hospital hallways.)

Here are a few idioms he mentioned, plus some extras. For more, see The Free Dictionary.

· be of one mind: To be in agreement about something.

· be of two minds: To experience indecision and/or conflicting emotions.

· blow one’s mind: To surprise, shock, or amaze.

· frame of mind: A person’s outlook or mood.

· have a mind like a steel trap: To be able to think very quickly, clearly, and intelligently.

· have half a mind: If you have half a mind to tell someone something unpleasant, you are very seriously thinking about telling them. For example, I’ve half a mind to tell her to rewrite the whole report it’s so bad.

· in my mind’s eye: In one’s mind or imagination. (Alludes to visualizing something in one’s mind.)

· mind over matter:[An
instance where
are] intellectual powers overriding threats, difficulties, or problems. Or, thought is stronger than physical things.

· presence of mind: The ability to act sensibly, promptly, and appropriately, especially in a difficult situation or emergency.

· slip one’s mind: Be overlooked or forgotten.

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