Posted by: Jack Henry | May 11, 2017

Editor’s Corner: The Top 40 Misspelled Words

You don’t need me to remind you that the English language provides many opportunities to misspell words. Because there are so many exceptions and so many words borrowed from other languages, spelling rules often don’t help much. But can help! They took the 40 most misspelled words and broke them into eight categories to help us understand why we’re misspelling them.

Now we have no excuse for getting these 40 words wrong. Thanks,!

Here’s your list of the 40 most misspelled words:

1. You’re using the wrong word.

· its/it’s

· your/ you’re

· there/their/they’re

· then/than

· affect/effect

· advice/advise

· capital/capitol

· conscious/conscience

· loose/lose

· principal/principle

2. You forgot double letters.

· accommodate

· committee

· embarrass

· interrupt

· misspell

· occurrence

· referred

· tomorrow

· vacuum

3. I before E, except after C

· Receive

4. I before E, except after C, except for these weird exceptions

· weird

· height

5. E, not A

· independent

6. S or C?

· license

· necessary

7. It’s actually two words.

· a lot

8. You just need to memorize it.

· definitely

· maintenance

· restaurant

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