Posted by: Jack Henry | February 1, 2017

Editor’s Corner: A few more words from Spanish to English

Today I’ve collected the last few words I’m going to share with you from the article “143 English Words That Are Actually Spanish.” If you would like to see the entire list, feel free to click the link. Today’s categories are:

· Geography and weather

· War and conflict

· Transportation

Geography and Weather

  • arroyo – stream
  • breeze – from brisa (cold northeast wind)
  • caldera – cauldron
  • canyoncañón (pipe, tube, or gorge)
  • mesa – table
  • playa – beach
  • sierra – mountain range
  • temblor – from temblar (to shake)
  • tornado – from tronada (thunderstorm), from tornar (to turn)

War and Conflict

  • armada – armed, from Real Armada Española (“Royal Spanish Navy”)
  • bandolierbandolera
  • conquistador – conqueror
  • flotilla – diminutive of flota (fleet)
  • guerrilla – small war
  • renegade – from renegado (turncoat, traitor)
  • vigilante – watchman


  • cargocargar (to load)
  • embarcadero – boat dock
  • embargoembargar (to seize, to impound)
  • galleongaleón, a large sailing ship with three or more masts
  • stevedore – from estibador (ship loader), literally, "one who stuffs"

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